Frauke Stehr


Setting up an R-project for pre-registration and reproducibility

To increase reproducibility of your data projects from the start, I recommend setting up a project in R, include version control with git, and writing reproducible reports with R markdown.

Soon: a step-by-step guide with how I set up my projects for reproducibility.

Teaching resources

Chris Makler built a great website with customizable graphs for many economics concepts:

Nick Huntington-Klein has a great post with animations explaining statistical tools of causal inference: causal graphs

Pol Campos-Mercade has written a useful guide on power analysis through simulation (in Stata): guide

"Seeing Theory" is a great website of interactive tools to explain probability & statistics. From basic probability concepts to Bayesian updating: Seeing Theory

Useful career resources

Chris Roth and David Schindler have put together a website with a collection of advice for PhD students in economics: EconGradAdvice

Amma Panin and Marco Schwarz have collected a list of behavioral and experimental conferences: